Board of Directors

Our operations are guided by a Board of Directors that include parents whose children are enrolled at the Centre and other volunteers from the community. All of our families are automatically Members of the Centre, and we appreciate their input.

Parents are welcome to attend monthly Board meetings, where our Supervisor reports on activities and concerns of the past month and the Board ensures that our policies and procedures support program objectives. All Members are invited to the Annual General Meeting in June, where they will help to elect Directors for the coming year.

The responsibilities of the Board are:

  • Maintaining a viable financial state for the Centre
  • Participates in the hiring of new staff
  • Ensuring that policies are in place for day-to-day operations and to ensure the Centre operates according to all regulations
  • Fundraising/advertising
  • Liaising with parents when required

Parents interested in volunteering for Board committees should speak to the Supervisor or any Board member. The Board is structured to give parents input to the operations of the childcare Centre. We rely on your participation. So please get involved!

To contact the board directly, please email:

DHCCC Anonymous Feedback


Monday to Friday
7:30 am - 6:00 pm

PHONE | 416-638-0612

FAX | 461-638-0129