Please be advised that there is an 896 deerease in fees. The Centre reserves the right to make ehanges within the year. A month's notice will be given prior to any changes.

The fees are as follows:

  • Toddler program: $1104.00 per month
  • Preschool program: $835.50 per month
  • Kindergarten program before and after: $604.50 per month
  • Kindergarten program after only: $471.25 per month
  • School age Before and after: $536.25 per month
  • School age after only: $421.25 per month

Kindergarten and School age fees are now btended to include all P.,A. days from September to June and March Break.

Winter Break fees will be determined at a later date, Parents will be notified one month in advance.

Summer Rates:

  • Kindergarten group: $1604.00 {July and August} at $80?.00 per month
  • School-age group: $tezs.oo {July and Avgust} at $914.00 per month

*Kindergarten and Schoolage holding fee {July and August} for children attending the Dublin }leights CCC sEmrrer program: $200.00 {This fee will be used towards your summer feesl*

**Holding fee {all groups} to maintain your spot for September {fsr families not attending summer program} is $250.fi} or $125 for one month. (This fee is NON-REFUNUABTE aad is used towards your September fee!**

***All rates are determined upon staffing and extra-curricular activities for each group. Kindergarten and School age children are reminded to bring their own lunches and snacks during non-instructional days,***

Thank you for your continued support,



Eegina Wong, RECE
Executive Director
Margot Schuldt
Board Treasurer



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